Plantation Thinning field day invitation (NW)

Plantation Thinning field day invitation (NW)

Posted 10 May 2023

Private Forests Tasmania, in conjunction with Forico, invites you to a Plantation Thinning Field Day on May 31 2023.

The field day has been designed for landowners to learn more about plantation thinning for carbon, construction and innovation.

Working with PFT and researcher Mauricio Acuna from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Forico facilitated a trial in 2022 as part of the Wood Supply Co-investment Program supported by PFT, relating to Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensing technology.

Results from two plantation plots were compared, a control plot in which the harvesting operator selected trees for extraction, and a plot in which trees were marked for harvest in a manner mimicking selection by sensing technology. While results are still being collated, it is hoped that LiDAR will prove to be a highly effective means of streamlining thinning operations.

Forico is believed to be one of the first Australian forestry and asset management companies to register plantation forestry projects with the Clean Energy Regulator’s Emissions Reduction Fund.

The company uses an Enterprise Valuation Model to identify operations with the potential to add value across its managed estate and in early 2022, modelling predicted that thinning trees between nine and 12 years of age would produce more substantial growth, suitable for sawlogs and the building timber or engineered wood products of the future.

You can read more about Forico's program here or by joining us at the field day.

WHAT: Plantation Hardwood Thinning Field Day

WHEN: Wednesday, May 31, from 12.30pm to 4.30pm. Light lunch and afternoon tea provided.

WHERE: Meet at the Highclere Community Hall, 1558 Ridgley Highway, Highclere.

Please wear hard hat, high-visibility vest, steel capped boots and appropriate clothing for all weather conditions.

RSVP: Before Monday, May 22 to Tracey King at or 03 6477 7389.

Plantation Thinning field day invitation NW Tasmania