Education and hands-on training at Hagley Farm School

Education and hands-on training at Hagley Farm School

Posted 26 September 2023


Genuine education and hands-on training came together at Hagley at the end of Term 3 when Hagley Farm School Ag Learning Centre collaborated with Private Forests Tasmania and Forest Education Foundation to conduct the first Introductory Training Session for Plantation Care for high school students.

In what is hoped to be a model for the future, TAEN President and Exeter Ag Teacher Liam Fox with 11-12 Teacher and Co-ordinator Greg Finnigan supported 24 very interested grade 9-12 students who participated in a genuine industry led 3-hour mini workshop conducted by Rob Smith and Sarina Manandhar (Private Forests Tasmania) alongside Darcy Vickers (Forest Education Foundation).

Using the Hagley Farm School demonstration Plantation and Queens Jubilee Native Species Shelterbelt, students needed to display supported levels of competence and complete a range of guided activities supported by their peers.

To achieve their Introductory Training Certificate students had to:

  • Display understanding of the processes of plantation establishment
  • Look for ways to identify trees that make a healthy and productive plantation
  • Observe and repeat the actions for pruning options, tree selection and pruning techniques
  • Display safe operation and care with, and of pruning equipment

As well as this they completed a small hands-on wood wellbeing challenge and planted more trees into the shelterbelt.

Great weather in a purpose grown environment, wise words and expert guidance, coupled with peer to peer and adult support meant that each student was able to demonstrate what was required to receive their Introductory Training Session Certificate.

Feedback from students and adults was very positive from the day with many students asking lots of questions and many being surprised at the enjoyment and opportunities that are available through working with trees.

A huge thank you to Rob smith and Sarina Manandhar from Private Forests Tasmania and Darcy Vickers for making this collaboration something really special.

Scott Watson, RSF Network Leader North
Hagley Farm School

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