Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Weather App - Get the warning when it matters most

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Weather App - Get the warning when it matters most

Posted 14 June 2023


The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is continuing to improve its services for the community with its Weather App now providing push notifications for 6 weather warning including tropical cyclone, fire weather, flood, tsunami, severe weather and severe thunderstorm.

BOM Weather is the Bureau of Meteorology's weather app giving you the most accurate weather information at your fingertips.

The information is simple, easy to understand and accessible in as many places as possible.

Once installed and enabled on your device, a notification will appear on your screen whenever a warning is issued that is relevant to your set location giving users timely information to make informed decisions. Notification can be either turned on or off to suit your individual needs.

Visit the Bureau website, download the BOM Weather app and activate notifications today The BOM Weather app.

Frequently asked questions.

How do you turn notifications on or off?

You can turn notifications on or off in 3 steps:

1.Select a location

2.Select notifications for warnings

3.Allow BOM Weather app notifications

Do I need to update the BOM Weather app to turn notifications on?

Yes, users need to update or install the latest version of the app that has the notifications feature. If you have enabled auto-updates on your device, the latest version of the BOM Weather app will automatically be updated. If the app hasn't updated, visit the App Store or Google Play store to update the BOM Weather app manually.

Will the update be available for all versions and types of phones (including older models)?

BOM Weather app is compatible with most smartphones and tablets using:

·Apple iOS 12; and

·Android 6 and above

For a Windows phone, we recommend using weather.bom.gov.au.

Does the warning notification location change as I move around? If I’m travelling from Melbourne to Sydney, will the notifications change as I travel?

No. At the moment, users need to manually select the location they would like to receive notifications for.

The Bureau is continuously improving our services to the community and this feature may be included in future updates to the app.

How do I turn location services on?

To enable location services on the BOM Weather app, click on the search bar at the top of the screen. You can then select 'use my current location' which will enable the app to follow you as you travel around. However, just a reminder, that notifications must be manually set up for a particular location.

If I live in the border of 2 different states or a state and territory, what warnings will I get?

Users will receive notifications for warnings based on the location they have selected. The Bureau hasn't changed the way we issue warnings, the types of warnings or the information detailed in the warnings.

We issue warnings for different areas depending on the type of weather. For example, we issue flood warnings based on sub-catchments and fire weather warnings for district areas. In most instances, these are not affected by state borders. So, users will receive notifications for warnings that are relevant to the location they have selected.