Good Neighbour Protocol

An industry initiative to guarantee neighbours are treated with dignity and respect

Good Neighbour Protocol

The Tasmanian Forest Manager's Good Neighbour Protocol is an industry initiative to guarantee that neighbours of forest owners are treated with dignity and respect.

The protocol aims to promote constructive cooperation and information sharing between neighbouring landowners. It encourages proactive management of shared concerns such as fire, weeds and boundary fencing.

The protocol was launched in May 2019 and was reviewed 12 months after its launch.

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Current subscribers

The following Tasmanian Forest Managers are subscribers to the protocol. Use the contact details listed if you want to speak to them about their land management practices.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania(03) 6169
Forico Pty Limited(03) 6335
SFM Forest Products(03) 622 335
Pentarch Forestry
(03) 64 307 333
Timberlands Pacific Pty Ltd
(03) 6345 3200
Norske Skog Paper Mills (Australia) Ltd
(03) 6261 0184
Reliance Forest Fibre
(03) 6382 3499
AKS Forest Solutions Pty Ltd
0419 573 205

The protocol is endorsed by: