Farm Forestry Carbon Tool

Gain a picture of your carbon impact and the potential offset trees can provide

Farm Forestry Carbon Tool

Climate change is one the greatest challenges of our time and many farmers are already seeing the impacts of global climate change on their local climate.

By 2030, it is highly likely that Tasmanian farming businesses will be required to be carbon neutral.

Trees and farm forestry are key solutions for farmers looking to offset their emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.

Fortunately, a new tool is available to support landowners to quickly gain a picture of their carbon impact and the potential for their tree offset opportunities.

The tool is designed to provide estimates, rather than an in-depth carbon calculator, but is highly effective to support farmers as they start conversations and planning around carbon neutrality on their farms.

In less than two minutes, farmers can estimate two important factors: what their current emissions profile looks like and, if they are a net carbon emitter, how many trees would be required to bring them back to neutral.

Created by the Tasmania Forestry Hub in collaboration with Private Forests Tasmania, the tool was developed by Tasmanian tech company Indicium Dynamics.
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