Farm & Forest Mapper

Map and plan your property to plant trees

Farm and Forest Mapper

Running a small to medium farming and forestry enterprise can involve highly complex processes, especially when it comes to planning and decision-making.

A new digital tool, developed by Esk Spatial, in consultation with Private Forests Tasmania and the Forest Practices Authority has been designed to help transform the farm-planning process for landowners, consultants, planners, contractors and land agents.

Farm and Forest Mapper is a FREE set of mapping and decision support tools and calculators where users are able to easily plan, map and manage their properties to expand their plantation estate and leverage the multiple benefits that trees on farms can provide.

The first release of Farm and Forest Mapper in 2024 includes 4 unique tools:

  1. Topex tool – Check the wind risk of your property and paddocks.
  2. Forest Class – Check the class of forests found on your property and paddocks.
  3. Site suitability – Check the suitability of your site for growing a range of crops from commercial tree species to fruit and vegetable crops.
  4. Spatial tools – to zoom, measure, draw and analyse map data.

Farm and Forest Mapper is packed with useful help options to guide you through the process of creating a property, mapping your paddocks and planning your commercial enterprise for success and a wide-range of benefits.

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Greenhythe Farm and forest mapper
Farm and forest mapper screenshot
Farm and forest mapper screenshot 3
Farm and forest mapper screenshot 2