Grassroots Festival

Feb 14, 2024 8:29am

Grassroots Festival is an immersive, boots on the ground, hands in the soil, two-day session event hosted on the 15th of February in Montumana, at Gunningham Family Farms, with an additional learning day on the 14th of February.

Gunningham Farms is one of Private Forests Tasmania's successful round 1 Integrated Farm Forestry Demonstration sites receiving grant funding to develop landscape scale best practice integration of shelterbelts and woodlots into the agricultural landscape. The farm has established over 22 hectares of radiata pine and eucalypt niten plantations to provide shelter for milking cows, biodiversity benefits and improved aesthetics.

Private Forests Tasmania are proud to be supporting this inaugural event and its international guest speakers covering a range of topics including, soil health, alternative and diverse pasture species, livestock health, farm forestry, financial health, farmers stories, carbon and renewable energy.

A presentation of 'Trees on Farms' will take place at 1:00pm onsite. Visit us to hear how trees can benefit your farming enterprise.

Tickets available online at $200 per person, or $500 for a family of four. CLICK HERE for ticketing.

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Grassroots Festival

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