Tamar NRM Inc

Area of Operation: North

Tamar NRM has a long and successful history of delivering agricultural, forestry and conservation projects since its inception in 1998.

Tamar NRM is a not-for-profit community-based organisation having close partnership and financial support from three Councils (Launceston City, West Tamar and George Town).

Tamar NRM supports and partners over 30 Landcare and Community groups in the region and has fostered projects and activities with these groups enhancing biodiversity, environment, urban and rural environment and community action and participation.

The Program Coordinators and an 11-member Management Committee that has extensive experience across a range of disciplines, including farming, financial, education and environmental.

Forestry networking events are held periodically and open to landholders, forest growers and producers in Norther Tasmania and posted on our website. Some hire equipment is made available for community groups and conservation works.

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