Barbers Sawmill (GL & VN Barbers Pty Ltd)

Area of Operation: Statewide

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BARBERS SAWMILL buys sawlogs from private forest owners, forest managers and harvest contractors statewide. If you have trees, and are considering selling from private forests, BARBERS SAWMILL is interested. All grades and species of native forest hardwood logs will be considered. All sawlogs purchased are fully processed in Tasmania, providing local jobs as well as supplying timber for local use. Using unique sawing patterns BARBERS SAWMILL can value-add lower grade logs, producing valuable timber from logs previously sent for woodchip. BARBERS SAWMILL continues to process all high-grade logs to their maximum value while meeting the requirements of our loyal customers. Providing an easy path for the sale of your trees BARBERS SAWMILL can provide the following services • Harvest planning, by certified forester • Documentation preparation • Harvesting contractors • Haulage contractors • Arrange sales of harvested non-sawlog trees We pride ourselves on being able to pay competitive market rates for all sawlog grades.

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