Board of Directors

Oversee the strategic direction and functions of the authority

Board of Directors

Private Forests Tasmania's Board of Directors are appointed by the Minister for Resources for their practical knowledge, industry, commercial and technical expertise in forestry.

The Board oversees the strategic direction, and a staff of permanent and fixed-term officers undertake the functions of the authority.

Mr Evan Rolley - Chair of Private Forests Tasmania

Member with expertise in forest or related sciences. Evan was appointed July 24, 2018, for a term of 3 years and was re-appointed for a further term of 2 years from July 24, 2021.

Evan is an experienced private tree grower and farmer in the Huon Valley who has more than 40 years’ experience in the broader forestry sector.

He helped in shaping the establishment of Private Forests Tasmania and was Commissioner for Private Forests in the formative years.

Evan is the former Chief Forest Practices Officer, Chief Commissioner for Forests and Managing Director
of Forestry Tasmania.

In more recent years, Evan has been active in the private sector with a strong focus on research, innovation and markets for products.

Meeting the demands of emerging wood markets, innovation in whole farm planning and practical research to lift productivity are areas that Evan sees as key to future private forestry growth.

Evan Rolley Private Forests Tasmania Board of Directors 2022

Dr Joanna Jones - B.Ag Sc (Hons), PhD (Horticulutre Science)

Member with practical knowledge of and experience in industry, commerce or economic development. Joanna was appointed on June 27, 2022, for a period of 3 years.

Jo is a senior consultant with Pinion Advisory and an adjunct senior researcher with the University of Tasmania.

Jo has extensive farm-focused agricultural research, development, extension, and communication skills. She is an experienced project manager and has decade-long board experience.

She co-owns and manages Fidelity Peonies and, with her husband, runs a family-owned dairy farm in the Derwent Valley.

Jo is passionate about innovation across the agricultural sector and building resilience in rural communities.

Dr Joanna Jones Private Forests Tasmania's Board of Directors 2022

Mr Robert (Rob) O'Connor

Member representing non-industrial private forest growers. Rob was appointed on June 14, 2023, for a term of three years.

Rob is a multi-generational farmer from the Fingal Valley owning and managing a 19,500ha mixed farming business including beef, sheep, wool, cropping and forestry.

Rob is a member of the Forest Practices Advisory Council, the Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Cereals & Seeds Association, Machinery Operations working in dry combustibles committee member with the State Fire Management Council, Red Hot Tips Committee member and volunteer fire fighter with the Tasmanian Fire Service, Avoca.

Managing around 10,000ha of private forestry on his Benham property, Rob has a long history in private forest management and is well equipped to represent non-industrial private forest growers in Tasmania.

Rob O Connor

Ms Alice Herbon

Member representing non-industrial private forest growers. Alice was re-appointed on January 16, 2021, for a further term of three years.

Alice is a commercial lawyer with the University of Tasmania and has a strong interest in agribusiness as well as maintaining an active role in the management of a private forestry company with plantations in the north east of the State.

Alice has assisted landowners on legal and strategic issues involving the collapse of forestry MIS schemes, negotiations in the forestry sector with property access arrangements and the drafting of documents for the sale and purchase of agricultural operations, produce, harvest, supply and management agreements.

With a long family history in agriculture and a natural understanding of the sector, Alice has been able to develop and maintain longstanding relationships with a number of stakeholders by assisting growers with a broad range of legal issues.

Alice Herbon Private Forests Tasmania Board of Directors 2022

Mr Jim Wilson

Member representing industrial private forest growers. Jim was appointed on August 1, 2021, for a period of three years.

Jim is the General Manager – Enterprise Performance at Forico Pty Limited, Tasmania’s largest private forest management company.

Jim is recognised as an industry leader during the establishment of institutional investment in Tasmania’s forests and has been instrumental in building new linkages between the forest and agricultural sector.

In addition to Jim’s role as a Director of Private Forests Tasmania, he is a Director and Vice President of Forestry Australia, and Director of the Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group. Jim has a strong interest in collaboration and was most recently the Conference Convenor for the National
Conference of Forestry Australia, hosted in Launceston during 2021.
Jim Wilson Private Forests Tasmania's Board of Directors 2022

Elizabeth Pietrzykowski (PhD.BSc.Hons. UTas) - Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Private Forests Tasmania in September 2023 for a five-year term.

Elizabeth has 20-years' experience in the tertiary (research/academic), forestry, agriculture, agroforestry, landscape restoration mining, oil and gas sectors.

Formerly Greening Australia State Operations Lead, Elizabeth is skilled in all facets of business management including stakeholder engagement, policy advice, strategic planning and project management.

A former Environmental Scientist, Elizabeth has provided specialty forestry solutions to the private and public forestry sector including private landowner estate management, forest practice planning, forest health diagnosis, biodiversity assessment, and regeneration and restoration plans for forest carbon accounting.

A self-motived leader with a passion for the environment, the agricultural and agroforestry sectors, Elizabeth is devoted to ensuring a sustainable future forest resource for all Tasmanians.

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