Asset protection & insurance

How to best protect your forests.

Plantation Insurance

Plantation trees are valuable and increase in value over their lifetime. Plantation trees are also susceptible to mortality and damage from natural disturbances such as wildfire. Hence, plantation insurance is available, and you may want to consider this insurance, especially before the next fire season to ensure your plantation is covered not only for its value, but also for potential clean-up costs.

Plantation insurance can provide protection for plantations and timber stacked during harvesting against damage from fire, lightning, explosion and windstorms. Cover is also available for removal of debris and re-establishment costs.

Forest insurance is a specialised service offered by only a few insurers, but your own insurance broker may be able to assist and would be worthwhile contacting.

Be aware that there are set dates each year (often well before the summer season) by which insurance policies must be arranged.

Refer to Directory of Tasmanian Forestry Services for a list of plantation insurers known to Private Forests Tasmania or visit the Forestry Australia website for additional information.

Fire Prevention at Forest Operations

The Tasmanian Forest Industry Management Committee (FIFMC) was established in the early 1990's and consists of Forest Managers (industrial/government), RTO's and contractor representatives to establish fire management benchmarks and best practice for the forest industry.

Procedures have been developed by the FIFMC and endorsed by the Tasmanian Fire Service with an objective to minimise the incidence of wildfire resulting from forest and related operations and to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Procedures outline minimum fire equipment requirements for forest operations and procedures to follow to reduce the risk of fire.