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We must unite, for mutual benefit

By 2050, the world will need 60% more food, 50% more energy and 30% more water – all while reaching net zero emissions.

There’s no single path to success, but to improve our economic, social, political, climate, food, water and fuel security, we can plant trees.

And we need to plant them now.

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In Australia alone, one billion additional trees need to be planted by 2030 to meet demand driven by the home building and renewables markets.

The land available for tree planting in Australia is located primarily on farms. This means farmers are in a unique position to bring about positive economic and ecological outcomes for themselves and society.

But they don’t need to go it alone. We must work together to significantly increase new forestry plantings in Tasmania and support our growing industry. Because investing in trees today will pay dividends for current and future generations.


Private Forests Tasmania’s Tree Alliance brings together landholders, individuals and organisations on the journey of planting trees on farms.

Our program supports farmers to establish and manage commercially viable trees in Tasmania’s agricultural landscape. We encourage collaboration, conversation and strategy towards our shared goals.

Together, we can meet the needs of the future. For the benefit of all.


Our treety: to grow our future economy and ecology through trees.

Growing the future, together

Join Tree Alliance and become part of a movement to benefit Australia’s future. Gain access to valuable resources, information and projects in your community.

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Tree Alliance Knowledge Hub
Curious about trees? Looking to boost your income? Want to improve your farm's soil, water and biodiversity qualities? The Knowledge Hub is the place to start.

The Knowledge Hub is a resource for Tasmanian farmers to explore the 'hows' and 'whys' of planting trees. Find insights and guidance to make decisions about how trees can work for you and your farm.

Start your tree planting journey today.

Learn More

The Knowledge Hub was developed with the contributions, knowledge and support of Australia's leading forestry experts. This includes Tasmanian farmers who have established trees on their properties.

With thanks to


Mauricio Acuna (Natural Resources Institute Finland), Justin Baily (Baileaf), Glen Bain (Tasmanian Land Conservancy), Andrew Baldwin (NRM North), Kerry Bridle (Beaufront), Andrew Cargill (Red Hot Tips), Richard Clark (Lanoma Nursery), Sarah Clark (The Back Run), Pierre Defourny (Tasmanian Land Conservancy), David Evans (New Forests), Richard Eckard (University of Melbourne), Jon Finch (University of Tasmania), Julie Finnigan (Serve-Ag), Michelle Freeman (Forestry Australia), Christine Grove (Forest Practices Authority), Jan Hamilton (Milford), Claire Headlam (Ratharney), Lucy Headlam (Headlam Farms), Philip Headlam (Headlam Farms), Bill Higham (Ratharney), Stephen Hill (Hills Nursery), Vince Hurley (Western Junction Sawmill), Rod Keenan (University of Melbourne), Martin Moroni (ReCFIT Tas), Daniel Mendham (CSIRO), Tony O’Grady (CSIRO), Lyndon O’Neil (Healthy Country Services and Consulting), Hafwen Pearce (Forest Practices Authority), Rowan Reid (Agroforester), Geoff Roberts (Indufor Group), Rob Smith (Private Forests Tasmania), Alex Tabor (ActivAcre), Peter Volker (NRM South), Peter Voller (Cradle Coast Authority), Annabel von Bibra (Beaufront), Jesse Webster (NRM North), Rae Young (Lewisham).

Steering Committee

Grayson Genders (Tas Farmers), Matthew Harrison (Carbon Storage Partnership), Sue Hinton (TAS Farm Innovation Hub), Jason Lynch (Pinion Advisory), Molly Marshall (Private Forests Tasmania), Corey Martin (Private Forests Tasmania), Tracey Taylor (Tasmanian Forest and Forest Products Network).


Agronomeye, Cavalletti Communications, Cradle Coast NRM, CSIRO, Fonterra, Forico, Healthy Country Services & Consulting, NRM North, NRM South, Pinion Advisory, RMCG, SFM Environmental Solutions, Tas Farmers, Tasmanian Forest and Forest Products Network, Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Tiger Media, Walker Designs.


This Private Forests Tasmania project is supported by the TAS Farm Innovation Hub through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, and in-kind support from all partners and individuals.

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Tree Alliance is a strategic program run by Private Forests Tasmania – a government authority with the legislated role of facilitating and expanding the sustainable development of Tasmania’s private forest resource.

Private Forests Tasmania has worked for nearly three decades to grow Tasmania’s future through trees.

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Meet the farmers who are using trees to grow their future

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