Growing the

Planting trees in the right place on farms with the intention of harvesting and replanting is a win-win for the environment, society and landowners.

Tree Alliance is a strategic program run by Private Forests Tasmania.

The program aims to raise awareness of farm forestry and the benefits of trees on farms, and to encourage and facilitate farmers to plant commercially viable trees in the agricultural landscape.

Native regrowth forest management

Looking to actively manage your native regrowth forests?

Find out how

Getting Started

Looking to grow commercial timber but don't know where to start?

Growing the future

Information and guides for growing commercial timber

Farm and Forest Mapper (TreeMapper)

A new digital tool, developed by Esk Spatial, in consultation with Private Forests Tasmania and the Forest Practices Authority has been designed to help transform the farm-planning process for landowners, consultants, planners, contractors and land agents.

Users will be able to easily plan, map and manage properties to expand their plantation estate and leverage the multiple benefits that trees on farms can provide.